LS Race Series

LS Race Series Rocker Arms from Scorpion Racing Products!

LS Race Series Rocker Arms

Rocker Arm Features Available ratios 1.7 & 1.8 Chevy LS

The only “No Machining Required” kits in production!
Use standard length pushrods
No need for valve cover spacers

All Scorpion Rocker Arms Feature: Lightweight 7000 Series Aerospace-grade Aluminum Bodies for Maximum Strength and Durability Needle Bearing Fulcrum and Roller Tip Centerless Ground Trunnion Centerless Ground Pin & Roller Burr-Free Thru Hole in Trunnion Large Machined Seat Thick Walled Adjusting Nut Pedestals Machined from Solid Steel Black Oxide Coated Steel Parts Anodized for Additional Protection and Durability 100% CNC Machined in the USA Exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY*

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