“All Rocker Arms are NOT Created Equal”

First and foremost, please don’t waste your money on inferior aluminum roller rocker arms.  You will get what you pay for when it comes to the type and quality of aluminum being used in the manufacturing process.  In addition, bearing quality is also horrible in these offshore sets being manufactured in China.  I see roller rocker arms (and many other auto parts) being made from cast aluminum for sale all over the internet.  Never put cast aluminum roller rocker arms inside your engine.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  The aluminum that is being used from Asia is of inferior quality.  Unfortunately, there are some US based companies using it to save money.

The photos below are from 2 aluminum roller rocker arms cut in half.  The rocker on the left shows the voids and areas where stress cracks will appear.  This rocker arm is cheap and readily available on the internet.  The photo on the right is from a aluminum roller rocker arm that we just pulled off the CNC machine here at Scorpion.  Both are magnified under a microscope.


Chinese extruded Aluminum

American Aluminum extruded for Scorpion in Minnesota

This is where buying American matters.  We manufacture the highest quality products on the market because we use the highest quality U.S. sourced materials.  We are proud to manufacture products that meet the high standards of our engine builders.  Scorpion’s goal has always been to provide the highest quality, American-Made aluminum roller rocker arms on the market at a price builders can afford.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our Quality Management System being ISO 9001 certified.  We DO NOT accept less than perfect.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of manufacturing.  No cheap bearings from China either.  No cutting corners!  Built with pride right here in Ocala, FL.

You may notice that Scorpion doesn’t do a lot of advertising.  Advertising, Sponsorships, Banners, etc., just cause other companies to charge you more to cover their costs.  Remember, No one manufactures a higher quality aluminum roller rocker arm than Scorpion. No one. We’ve been in business 21 years now because we make the highest quality aluminum roller rocker arms available at prices you can afford.  Not because we have pretty advertising. We believe our reputation will endure and Scorpion Racing Products will be there when you need quality and dependability.  We back our products with a 100% Lifetime Warranty! Period! That's how confident we are that we make the best.