“Exactly what is a Pedestal Mount Rocker Arm?”


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Pedestal Mount Rocker Arm has a pivot point that is bolted to the cylinder head. In some cases, the head may have a pedestal machined into it. On Scorpion Rocker Pedestal Mount Rocker Arms, the pedestal is a separate piece.

Pedestal mount rockers were used mostly on Ford engines from the factory (except the FE series big block). They are also used on the Gen. 3 & 4 Chevy LS engines.

Pedestal mount rockers work fine on stock and mildly modified engines. However, they are the weakest rocker arm mounting design. When you upgrade your camshaft and valve springs, it's also a good idea to upgrade to Scorpion Stud Mount Rockers or Shaft Mount Rockers

Adjusting Valve Lash or Lifter Preload can be a challenge with pedestal mounts. It requires you to install shims to get it right. This means you could put it together and take it apart multiple times. Small Block Ford Roller Rocker Arms are available directly from Scorpion or at many retailers across the nation.