“Scorpion Jeep OFF-ROAD Series Roller Rocker Arms”

Stock rocker arms tend to to wear, become loose, noisey, and leave shavings of metal in your motor oil. The result is wear in your engine, loss of power, and possible damage to pushrods and lifters.

Inspect the valve end of the stock rocker arms for excessive wear or damage. Inspect the pushrod end of the rocker arms for excessive wear or damage. Inspect the center pivot surface of the rocker arms for wear or damage. Blow compressed air through the pushrods to ensure they are clear of any debris. Roll the pushrods on a flat surface to check for trueness. If they are bent, replace them.

Remember, keeping the top end of your engine saturated with oil is critical. Especially in Off-Road vehicles.

One of the most economical upgrades you can make to your valvetrain is to change the rocker arms. Not only will this restore lost power, but oil circulation is improved and noise is reduced considerably. Scorpion Off-Road Roller Rockers are the perfect solution for Jeep owners.