“Scorpion takes precision manufacturing to a whole new level...”

..with it's Endurance Series shaft mount rocker arms. These rocker arms are designed for professional circle track, dirt track, drag racing, and offshore powerboat race engines. We believe they are the best shaft mount rockers available today and are built to perform at the top level, lap after lap, race after race. Plus, they are priced very competitively, and best of all, they’re made in America using American steel and aluminum.


Scorpion Shaft Mount Rocker Pair

Scorpion Racing Products is well known for their superior quality valve train products produced through state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing techniques.

The Endurance Series shaft mount rockers were tested in circle track racing for several years before we released them to the public. Now with many seasons of racing at 8600 RPM plus…we are convinced of their ability to withstand the rigors of endurance race engines and meet the high standards we set for our products.

Scorpion's Chief Design Engineer explains, "One of the key areas that always poses a challenge with rocker arms is the question of performance versus temperature. Through extensive testing, we have perfected our shaft mount rockers using 7000 series aluminum for extreme racing at high RPM over a long life span. We over-engineer our parts for our own assurance. All of our products are thoroughly tested in-house on our Super Flow 901 engine dyno before they ever go out for track testing. That’s why we’re able to offer a lifetime warranty.”

There you have it! The best American Made Shaft Mount Rocker Arms available today!