“Why we laser the ratio and Lot Number on the rocker arm”

Scorpion laser etches every rocker arm with it’s ratio and lot number as seen below.


Keep in mind that ratio determines the maximum amount of lift you receive at the valve from your camshaft and its also critical in ensuring you don’t have any valve clearance or spring pressure issues.  For example, a 1.5:1 ratio rocker arm working with .400-inch of camshaft lobe lift will produce .600-inch of actual lift, so if your push rods and valve springs can handle the pressure, and you have enough piston to valve clearance, you’re in good shape.

The 8 digit lot number lasered on every Scorpion rocker is our way of tracking exactly which machine made this rocker arm and which extrusion it was cut from. It also gives us the link to the material certifications and all Quality Assurance documentation.